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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

Friday, November 21, 2014

suzy's Christmas wish

Just a quick story about one of our feline guests, Suzy, and how a little love and kindness gave her a new lease on life:

A special Christmas wish from Suzy to Santa. 

Dear Santa,
I have a special wish this year that I was hoping you could fill....I know it might be a tough one but please if you could only try......I want to have a home to call my own again. 

You see,  I came to the Sanctuary when my owner died in the winter of 2013.  She was sick for a while and couldn't care for me much in the end-so she sent me outside where I had to fend for myself for some time.  When she passed away it was winter and getting cold out- things were getting tough, but eventually some kind people came and trapped me in a cage and brought me to the Sanctuary.....well....I really wasn't very nice at first.
They took a little video of me when I wasn't so nice but really, I was just very scared at the time and didn't know what was going on.


Now I've had a while to adjust and I've been working real hard at changing and trying to be a good kitty and everyone says I'm real sweet and lovable now.  I even have a new video to show how hard I have worked and how far I have come.


So please Santa, if you know someone who is wishing for a cat this Christmas then maybe you could work something out for the both of us-because I'm really ready to leave here and move on to a home I can call my own.
Please   ....just take a chance on me.       Love,   Suzy

 Santa, if you are out there listening: Suzy is a sweet, lovable lap kitty who loves to snuggle.  She is almost 6 years old and prefers to be a only kitty. She had a rough transition when she came to the Sanctuary and was very fearful.  She really loves people and feels comfort when she is around people that she trusts - She's been at the Sanctuary nearly seven months now and is ready to give her gift of love and companionship this Christmas!

Friday, November 14, 2014

                Fall Clean Up Day

One again, the weather tried to thwart our plans to clean up the sanctuary but our dedicated volunteers were not giving in!  Despite the soggy conditions we were able to complete a variety of projects and prep the sanctuary for the Fall and Winter months ahead.  Some of the projects that we were able to tackle include clearing the path to the trail so that our dogs have safe passage to their adventurous walks, mowing and weeding near the houses, raking all of the leaves from the play field, moving a bunch of donated outdoor furniture to the pavilion, etc.

We are so grateful for the amazing people that were willing to show up and help us make these projects happen! The animals now have a clean and wonderful place to call their  own until they are welcomed into their forever homes! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Zack's Having A Ball

Zack's Having A Ball!!

They say age is just a number and no one proves that more than our little Zack.  Zack came to us at the age of eight, but just start throwing some tennis balls and you'd swear he was a puppy.  The Our Companions Sanctuary was the perfect place him, with lots of loving volunteers who not only indulged his balls obsession, but brushed his curly fur and willingly gave their laps for his comfort.  He quickly made friends of all sorts and became a star of obedience class as well.  Zack did well and had lots of fun here, but it wasn't home and that's what he needed most of all.

You would think a great dog like Zack would have no problem finding a home in no time, but apparently, for some, age is more than just a number.  He stayed here for a few months, waiting for that home he was meant for, but he didn't complain and neither did we.  We loved having him around and knew we would miss him when that day finally came.  And come it did.  A lovely family came along with the perfect place for our favorite fuzzy friend and Zack went home at last.  

Zack's new family is in love with him, of course.  They tell us "Zack is doing fine. He is a wonderful dog...so cute...so smart...and so funny! Not only do we adore him, the neighborhood does too. He has met other dogs and interacts very positively. He loves the fenced yard and tires us out with throwing whatever toy he has chosen and bringing it back."  Zack is having a ball!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Finding Frankie

We went through a scare at Our Companions last week! A little dog named Frankie ran off from his home just two weeks after being adopted from the Sanctuary. His new home was in Ashford, so once we received word that he was missing we were easily able to help with the search, but what direction did he head? The hilly woods around their home were vast, they bordered a river and lots of wetlands. It made trekking through the woods an impossible  thought.

The owners had already contacted most of their immediate neighbors, local animal control, and searched the woods near their home.  So the only other thing we could hope for was to continue spreading the word that this little dog was on the run. To help with this we printed up lots of posters with his picture, and two contact numbers should he be spotted. We also put it out on Facebook and got a terrific response from our followers.

At our Sanctuary, we outfit each dog with two separate tags—one on their martingale collars, and one on their harness. On this tag are three cell phone numbers and the address of the Sanctuary. Thankfully the new owners kept Frankie’s collar tag on him, so that he was wearing his brand new Ashford License and our tag.  He was also microchipped, so should the tags have fallen off during his adventure, that would have been a permanent identification if he was brought to any veterinarian or animal control facility.

The story has a happy ending, 24 hours after he ran off, I received the call I was praying  for—Frankie had been found!!! He was at an apartment complex not far away, pretty much a straight line from his home, but in the opposite direction that we originally saw him head. Thanks to those phone numbers on his tag, he was immediately returned to us and then back home where he belonged.

Lessons that we took home from this event:
·  Always keep identification tags with phone numbers on your dog. Cell phones are best as you may be out looking for the dog while a helpful call comes in on your home phone.
·       Have back up identification on your dog in the form of a microchip should the dog collar fall off during their excursion.
·      Get posters out to everyone in the immediate area. Start close and then widen your search as time goes on. I wish we had put posters at this apartment complex. In the future, I will look at a Google map if I ever find myself in this situation, and plan out a concentrated poster distribution  in the  local area in multiple directions.

Frankie is a very friendly and social dog, but they still needed to work to catch him. If a poster had been posted, familiar people would have been able to help capture him. I worry that loose dogs are scared and can get spooked if not handled correctly.  Thankfully that was not the case, and Frankie was one happy puppy once he was back at his home and realized that his misadventure was over!!!

His owners learned a valuable lesson the hard way, and while he was gone they installed multiple  tie outs throughout their yard. Frankie will never have a chance at running loose ever again, and instead will enjoy sunning himself on their deck, and long walks on their property while safely on a leash!

Monday, September 29, 2014

look who's getting ready for Halloween!

     Halloween is drawing near.... and our kitties at the                Sanctuary are getting into the spirit of the season.

Shall we take a look and see what they're up to?

Our pick for most creative costume goes to:

           Trying to look a little like Eddie Munster- or his doll.  hmmm, nice try Xavier.                                        

Don't worry our sweet Xavier is actually just recovering from a very successful eyelid surgery.
After years as a stray and probably too many fights, his eyelids were scarred and badly damaged. This is what our poor guy looked like before his surgery: 

After  surgery, (and hopefully only a short time looking like Eddie Munster) Xavier is on his way to healthier eyes and a much more handsome look.

Our favorite orange girl Samantha has a few ideas about what she wants to be for Halloween too.

she's got the attitude down -but is still working on the costume part.

 Dressing as a black cat was definitely a popular theme for the kittens this year- 
although some added a little white for variety.
dominos working on the evil witch eye

Jasper even brought along his own witch  as a costume prop.

Hey! wait a minute ... this witch looks an awful lot like a mouse.

Frankie has decided to be a ghost this year..... again.

And, finally how about our sweet little Buttercup, she's all dressed up in orange? What's her costume?

Well, lucky Buttercup is just relaxing in the sun taking things easy - cause she'll be in her own new home in time for Halloween!
She's ready, and has waited a long time, and now her time has come.  we'll miss you Buttercup.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Henry Finds His Way

Henry Finds His Way

How does a blind dog find his way home?  With lots of assistance humans to guide his way, of course.  Henry sure had a long and winding road to travel, though.  His beginnings are a mystery, but there are no shortage of guesses: life outdoors, competing for resources with other dogs, failing as a hunting dog.  Wherever he started his journey, he ended up in a shelter in Connecticut and eventually made it to our door.

His time with us had more than it's share of challenges: health issues, unreliable house training, problems socializing with other dogs.  Henry was quite the project, but throughout it all, our volunteers showered him with the affection and security he needed to make progress and become a great little dog.  

Now, after a long search, Henry has finally found a place to call home.  He has someone who adores him and, just as important, understands what he needs to get by without his sight.  Henry is a special guy and a great example of the kind of special needs pets that Our Companions helps every day.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Intake room updates

A little while back we introduced you to three kitties who came together in our intake room at the same time:  

     Noah, Buttercup & Casey                 
In the last post, we gave the wonderful news that Casey had found a loving home with one of the vet techs that helped care for him shortly after he arrived at the Sanctuary in very poor health. 

As for Noah and Buttercup - they still call the Sanctuary their home for now.
Both are out of the intake room and spending time with some of the other very energetic kittens occupying the downstairs living area.                                    


As you can see, learning to share becomes an important quality to have when one moves out of the intake and into the general living area. Here, there's a moment of harmony while everyone enjoys a quick cat-nap.
And, here's another moment- (even though "grandpa" Noah loves his little charges and has endless patience for them)  there are times when a man just needs a little peace and quiet in his own bed!

Happily Noah is doing well now, just recently he had an acute bout with pancreatitis which is a very painful condition.
Additional fluids, proper diet and pain meds. helped him get through this tough time and he is returning back to his normal, lovable self.

Buttercup and Noah share their room with kittens Regan, Sidney and Domino.  A lively combination that has helped Buttercup continue to adjust to her surroundings. Hopefully soon she'll find a home of her own too.

So,  who's new in the intake room?

 That would be our beautiful girl Tabby!  She's about 8 years old- very affectionate and loves attention.
A couple of things Tabby doesn't like:  being told she needs to lose weight...... and living with other cats.  (At least we haven't found one she's willing to live with yet).  So if you're looking to adopt just one.........

Lastly, a few photos sent in of Abby and Chelsea, our girls that were recently adopted to a couple of our volunteers. (after some initial hurdles to clear).   Word is the girls are adjusting wonderfully to their new home and have already become cherished and loved family additions!
Abby & Chelsea enjoying their new home together