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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Zoey checks in

 Zoey here...just reporting in!

 Dear Marie, Jon, Krystal, Other Staff and Volunteers:

I am settling in just fine.  My new "parents" treat me great.  I have my crate from Our Companions along with my blanket so that worked out nice.  I have a nice yard to walk around in and I get plenty of treats (because I'm a good girl).

We went to New Hampshire last weekend - it 'vas a nice ride but I slept most of the trip.  I have a new (to me) crate there and a new blanket and lots of new and different things to sniff out.  You know me ... I have a good nose for sniffing!

I have a new veterinary doctor to meet on Tuesday and he has already received my records so he will be all up-to-date from my last visit at the North Veterinary Office.  We are going to the Connecticut Veterinary Center, Kensington, CT.

I have a Spa Day when it's my day for lotion.  M y Popsy (that's Bob) puts my lotion on for me and I just stand there ... as the good girl I am, until he finishes.  Nary a nip.  I'm trying to get better ... sometimes I forget and let out a little growl, but I am reminded that it's not lady like to growl.

I hope the weather is good over the 4th of July holiday so that we can take some pictures.  If we do, we'll send some on to you so everyone can see how well I am doing.

 Zoey and family – Margaret and Bob

Cookie and her crumbs- week 8

Congratulations to our kitten graduates!
Image result for picture of kitten with graduation cap

 Week 8 and it is time to head off to their new families and forever homes!


But they can't leave without giving us just a few more playful moments between our siblings........

A nice shot of Biscuit  -  except for Graham's silly face

 Hey Graham -we're really sick of you ruining all of our  photos with your silly faces!   So there - take this!
That's real mature  Keeb - How 'bout I squish your little pin head between my paws! 

Hey look mom, I can roll my tongue - isn't it cool?

I think I can roll it the other way too.

That's it Graham.   I've had enough!
Oww mom! Keeblers biting me!
Really guys knock it off- here comes mom and she's not too happy!

Honestly mom. . . . . everything's fine here, we're getting along just fine.


It's been an exciting and fun time watching us play together, and we really do get along great, but
unfortunately it's time to say goodbye and move on:

We hope you have enjoyed watching us grow these past eight weeks.

We'll miss you most mom- you were great with us.

Bye kids .......I'm really going to miss you too - but I know you all are going on to great homes.

No Wait!  just one more hug goodbye,  I'm not sure that I'm ready for this

Phew!  they're gone ......Are you kidding?  I'll be fine.  That?  Well that was just for show.  It's time for me to kick back and relax.  My work here is soooo done!

In fact I think that I'll even treat myself to an ice cream cone.

Have a great summer all - and promise we'll pass along updates from the kids.

A very special Thank you to our volunteers that helped out every week with our kitten kindergarten-you've raised some super kittens - we couldn't have done it without your help!!
Carol Ann

Image result for funny cat cartoonsImage result for funny cat cartoons

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Keeping up with Cookie and her crumbs - week 7


  Seven weeks have now passed! soon these little guys will be leaving the nest for homes of their own.

Litter box training is going along well and weaning is almost complete- every now and then  there's still a need to be comforted by mom of course.

At this point play really dominates their waking hours - these guys are going either full speed or sleeping- there's no speed in between.



Sometimes play can seem rough - but it's also a learning process, and a good reason why kittens with litter mates in the early weeks of their development end up with better social skills.  Learning not to bite or scratch too hard can be important when you know your opponent possesses the same set of sharp weapons that you do.

Cookie is carefully supervising the calisthenic workouts making sure her kids are in top physical shape.

come on keebler pull!

Looks like grahams working hard at irritating mom.

Mom . . . I'm pooped - it's a lot of work this growing up thing.

Okay guys time for our group shots:

 Graham, really - always a joker

Look over here Graham

Psssst -  before we go I have a secret
to tell- next week we will be going to our new homes -with our forever families.

My sisters get to go to their home together - which is good cause I think they really need each other.
And I get to go to a home with some other cool friends that I can't wait to meet.  (Hope they know what they're in for)

So - I'm going to spend a little more time cuddling with my sisters before we all leave.

Here's one interesting fact before we leave:  A cat's brain is biologically more similar to a human brain than it is to a dogs.  Both humans and cats have identical regions in their brain that are responsible for emotions.

Image result for images of cat looking at dogWow - they really needed a study to figure that out. - silly humans think they are so smart..

Image result for comics of cats being smart

Friday, June 19, 2015

Keeping up with Cookie and her crumbs - week 6


Six weeks in and our little kittens are now starting to look like little adult cats.


Everyone is starting to eat solid food from the dish now .......

Even our little boy Graham! - Just like a boy he's in the dish feet and all.

Sorry mom - we'll leave you alone to supervise!

(Here's an interesting cat fact:  Did you know that a cats jaw can't move sideways - so a cat can't chew large chunks of food.)
On the activity side of development:
The kittens are working diligently on all  their skills playing, jumping, running and wrestling and becoming more agile and athletic everyday.

Cats sure have some amazing athletic abilities- largely because of their design.

A cats back is extremely flexible because it has up to 53 loose fitting vertebrae - humans have only 34. Cats also have 230 bones in its body while humans have 206.  A cat can fit through any opening the size of its head because it has no collarbone. A cat can jump up to 5 times its own height in a single bound and can travel at a top speed of approximately 31 mph over a short distance.  - pretty impressive!

Socially, our kittens are learning new things everyday.

Our "kitten kindergarten" volunteers have  been hard at work socializing  the little guys, and we're all pretty impressed at how well things are going.

Image result for images of cat in school
From meeting new cats- here Biscuit and Maurice spend a few careful moments together on the catio.

To walks outside in our stroller - getting a little bigger picture of the world.

While mom watches intently  from her window view:

Soon they'll be ready to move on to lives of their own.

Finally - time for our group shot .. . which IS getting more difficult to take.  Without fail, there's always  a paw sticking in the wrong spot.

or somebody (no names) has to be a joker and stick a tongue in someones ear!

Next thing you know a wrestling match breaks out and someone's calling for mom!

And of course someone gets fed up with the horseplay  and leaves -   
and there goes our shot!

(Funny how one moment of cuteness erases all that misbehavior)