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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

SNOW DAY!                                                                                             

Who doesn't love a snow day for play and rest!? Pouncing in the freshly fallen snow and chasing snow balls before headed back to a warm house to dry off and snuggle on the couch is what our pups are up to today.

Enjoy some pictures of our snow day at the sanctuary while you sip your cocoa and rest assured that these guys are as snug as a bug in a rug and loving life!

Lucy playing with the Jolly Egg

Aggie enjoying some relaxing house time
with an educational DVD

Hera having fun with the Jolly Ball

Kaylee enjoying one of her favorite toys
 in some of her favorite weather
 Johnny watching the snow falling
from the warmth of his bed

Hera can't resist a run in the
freshly fallen snow!

Gidget doesn't pass up the chance
to play with her tennis ball!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart 

Love Notes to the Dogs at the Sanctuary

It’s obvious that we love our volunteers at Our Companions since they are the heart of our organization and the compassionate providers for our focal point, the animals! It is our volunteers that provide the dogs interactive walks and training and our kitties play sessions and assist with behavioral exercises. We cannot ever fully express how much we love those that provide love to our animals! It was this happy feeling that spurred the idea to have our volunteers share some of their thoughts and memories of being at the sanctuary. We started our love notes project at our second birthday party in October by having attendees write short memories or well wishes for the animals in our care. This project didn’t end when the cake was finished though as it spread into the holiday season, a perfect project for the season! What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving and all of the following holidays than by thinking with intent what it is that makes our precious creatures special and loved by all. In fact, it seems to perpetuate that feel-good spirit that is so important during the holidays. Our volunteers jotted these notes down on some brightly colored paper and all of the notes were compiled in a quilt-like fashion that proudly hangs on the bedroom walls of the cottages. Our animals will be able to take their specific well wishes along with them to their new homes when they end up moving out as a sweet reminder that we are always here, loving, supporting and rooting for them! While the boards are hung for all to see we are always happy to add to them. During your next trip to the sanctuary feel free to leave a love note for some of the sweetest pets we know!

**Special thanks to OC Volunteer, Tina Gould who compiled the notes on their boards. They are so beautiful!

Here are some quotes from our volunteers:
"Gypsy, you are such a graceful and beautiful dog with a heart of gold. Your forever home is just around the corner, who could resist you!"

"Romeo, you are such a sweet, handsome boy! I hope your soon to be forever home has all soft grass for your sensitive feet!"

"Aggie, you are a terrific jogging partner and the best cuddler!"

"Johnny, you are the sweetest dog EVER! You've come such a long way and deserve the best of everything!"

"Lucy Goosey- my Saturday night date- my pittie girl that barks with a message but it the gentlest girl here. Be happy my girl!"

"Gidget, you are such a goofy girl, always bringing a smile to my face!"

"Hera- the little princesss. A pure gentle snuggle bug. Happiest when getting a belly rub!"

Check out some more up-close love that was left for our big guy, Johnny!


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Seth and Paul arrived with a stocking full of gifts for the kitties. Of course I told all the cats that "Santa Cat" came early and brought the stocking around to let them choose their own toys. Here are some cute pictures!

Ashley slowly approaches to inspect....

Frankie of course dove right in!

Chloe chose a green candy cane and mouse :)

Suzie was very happy with her selection...

Sterling and Charley chose their favorites too...

And the rest of the gang got their treats as well! They loved it!

Friday, December 19, 2014

                                            Christmas Lights Go On at the Sanctuary
By Krystal Makowski


The magic all took place on December 7th, 2014 where our wonderful volunteers came to our Holly Jolly Lighting Event with their holiday spirit in tow to transform the sanctuary into its annual scenic display of snowmen and twinkly lights. It’s so beautiful that I dare you NOT to drive past the sanctuary blasting your most merry music with a hot cocoa in your mitted hand – you won’t be able to resist!

Our volunteers are full of love all year long as they dote on our amazing creatures so when the holidays come around and they step up their beautiful hearts to include creating a winter wonderland for all to see then it is a true thing of beauty. Please feel free to grab the kids –furry or human and check out the site for yourself.

If you happen to live closer to the North Pole and can’t make it to our wonderful little spot, then please enjoy some of the pics. We are so excited to show the world what we can accomplish with some donated lights and some hard work!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


         You'd imagine in a cageless facility for cats that there's one question we would probably ask on a daily basis:

"Why can't you guys just all get along?!"  And, to a large extent . . . . you'd be right.

What you probably wouldn't expect is the other question we often ask: "Why is it you two get along so well?"

It's often interesting and fun to observe when cats are allowed to choose their own feline friends. (instead of us surprising them out of the blue with a new playmate).

At first, the relationships may seem a little unlikely (and sometimes they are) but, usually when we take a closer look at how they match up we find it's really not so surprising.
So, if you're thinking about adopting a companion for your cat you might be wondering what makes for a good match.

Although you can't predict with 100% certainty if your new kitty companion will be greeted with open paws - or open claws,  keeping in mind certain considerations will give you the greatest chance of success that your kitties will  develop a lifelong friendship.

First, you need to consider the personality and temperament of your cat - would your cat really like a companion or does he prefer to be an only cat? Cat's that are exceptionally territorial, aggressive, frightened of most things or just have trouble adjusting to any changes in their lives may not do well with a companion.

elderly cats or cats with illnesses would also be best left as only cats as the added stress can be difficult on their health.

If you do decide that your cat might benefit from having a feline friend then you want to choose a cat with a complementary personality.

If your cat is outgoing and assertive - look for a second cat who won't compete with that- choose a cat that's in the middle of the spectrum, not too assertive and not too timid either.

If you have a more aggressive cat - this type will do better with a self assured calm cat that would not allow himself to be overpowered by the more dominant one.

And a timid cat will do best with a cat who doesn't insist on being in charge.

A happy go lucky, confident kitty can be a calming influence on cats with personalities on either end of the spectrum.

And if you're wondering whether to go female or male, well that's not as important as getting the right match with personality and temperament.  However, cats do seem to do better with cats their own age and that have a similar size and build.  

Most importantly -choose carefully and don't make any quick decisions.

If you don't have any cats and want to adopt two- consider looking for already bonded pairs in rescues.  These kitties often sit in shelters longer  because people looking to adopt two cats aren't as plentiful as homes looking to add just one more.
It's often a sad dilemma for rescues - whether to break up bonded pairs in hopes they'll find loving homes separately or to hold out longer in hopes they'll be re-homed together (unfortunately while tying up space that could be used to rescue other cats).

We currently have two sets of pairs in the Sanctuary that are looking for homes together - both friendships formed at the Sanctuary.

Ashley & Frankie formed a connection when they met.
She - a timid 4 month old kitten that was found living outside has had a difficult adjustment living at the Sanctuary.
He- a 2 1/2 yo  super playful and full of energy guy that's also had a bit of a hard time making friends at the Sanctuary.
  Still not quite trusting of people Ashley found a loving mentor in Frankie- and somehow she stole his heart. Following him around taking comfort in his confidence- they played and interacted well- and have now become great friends.

 Charley & Sterling also found themselves giving each other double takes.
He (sterling) -A 2 1/2 y.o. handsome love bug also found himself having a hard time making friends at the Sanctuary.
She (Charley) - an 8 month old kitten overlooked time and time again by adopters- is also super loving and playful -and only just a little skittish.
 But - they had eyes for each other and now happily share a room together.

Our hope is that both of these couples can remain friends and continue with their lives in new homes ........together.
Image result for cats in love drawings

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Gypsy's hot on the trail of a new home.  She's looking high and low and everywhere in between.  Out in the field, in the local pet supply store, or under the furniture cushions, she'll find that warm and special family she deserves.

We don't know a whole lot about Gypsy's past.  She came from the south, but fell on hard times up here in Connecticut and ended up in a local animal control.  Someone along the line definitely cared for her well, though.  She came to us with delightful house manners and strong obedience skills.  But for Gypsy, the past is the past, and she is all about the future.  

Gypsy is having a good time with us here at the Our Companions Sanctuary.  She adores people and loves to get snuggly on a couch or bed.  As you can imagine, all of that searching can be exhausting and she's never one to turn down a chance to nap.  She also gets along well with other dogs and is a perfect playmate.  And as any good hound would, she makes sure to announce to us every noise or sight that's out of the norm. But as happy as she is, she still has an eye, and nose, out for that forever home that's just around the next corner.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Birthday Party

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and all of creation was celebrating the amazing, hard, involved, fun, impacting work that has been done at the sanctuary over the past two years. Can you imagine?!?! Two whole years that the sanctuary has been caring for cats and dogs as they wait for their forever families to find them  -what an awesome reason to celebrate!  We partied with some fun games that spurred some great conversation about a multitude of the beautiful creatures that have graced out buildings over the past few years. When party-goers weren’t chatting with fellow volunteers they are writing “love notes” to the current pups and kitties, checking out the pet-o-lanterns that were carved by volunteers and their families, or enjoying some snacks under our brand new pavilion! It was so great to see so many volunteers in attendance and was another reminder as to how lucky our organization is to attract the best of the best! Please enjoy some festive pics of our party! We hope to see you at the next party!