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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Fun

Summer’s in full swing here at the Our Companions Sanctuary in Ashford and our dogs are taking full advantage of the beautiful weather for some fun and adventure.  As part of our efforts to give them the fullest life possible, we’ve provided them with lots of activities and a few luxuries to enjoy this summer.  Both of the dog cottages have doggie pools for cooling off in the hot sun, and no one appreciates in more than our Lucy.  She rarely comes back from walk without taking a relaxing dip. 

Of course, what would summer be without a trip to some local attractions.  Some of our fantastic and caring volunteers have taken been taking our dogs out to the local state parks for a little outdoor adventure time.  Gidget has become quite the intrepid hiker, taking trips to several state forests for some communing with Mother Nature.  Not only is it great for the dogs to get the extra exercise,  it’s a valuable chance for  many of the dogs to work on their social skills out in an unusual environment.  Skills they can take with them to their future forever home. 

And with our lovely sanctuary property, dogs have all the joys of summer right outside their backdoor.  Our nature trail, play yard, and open fields have been providing hours of summer fun to our dogs and to our volunteers.  There’s nothing Henry loves more than to take a volunteer for a walk, following his nose wherever it leads him and exploring the beautiful landscape we have right here.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A tale of three kitties


We've all been there, sailing carefree down the highway of life, then suddenly, without warning, we hit those little bumps that send us stumbling - life has tossed us a curve.

But, somehow, we recover and end up back on our feet and on our way again....until the next time.

Our intake room at the Sanctuary is where we first encounter those kitties who have hit their bumps along life's  highway.  It is here that we provide comfort, support and love. And, where we evaluate them medically and socially to give them what they need to get back up on their feet and on their way to a new home and a happy life.


The three kitties that currently reside in our intake room are prime examples of the different and unique backgrounds and personalities that we encounter at our rescue:

Noah lived a pampered life as an only cat his entire 13 years, doted on by his elderly owner until she passed away.
 On June 27th  we welcomed in Noah, a bit overweight and with painful arthritis in his hind hips.  This mellow, slow moving guy often spends his time in bed and is facing some health challenges ahead.

 Buttercup, a sensitive and very cautious 2 year old girl was found as a stray by a local Animal Control Officer.  She is sweet,  very shy and timid and prefers to spend a lot of time hiding in- or under her bed.   She joined us on July 1st, unfortunately, the rest of her background is a mystery.


Finally  there's Casey, an eight week old kitten, found dehydrated, starving and covered in parasites, alone on the side of a road in Eastford.  He joined us on July 3rd. After a few scary days of questioning if he would even survive, his health improved and now he is full of non-stop, rambunctious kitten energy.

This unlikely trio came together in our intake office and  quickly changed their status from simply roommates to roommates and friends....and they have helped each other heal along the way: 

The fearless helping the fearful and the energetic helping the weak. Encouraging each other to get up onto their feet  and to get back into the game.  

Their journey to healing has begun:

Sunday, July 6, 2014

adoption news

It was a bittersweet day at the Sanctuary this past weekend.

Our two sweet little girls Forrest & Jenny left the nest and are now enjoying life with their new loving family together.       And..by the way..yes, Forrest turned out to be a girl!

Mom, Penelope, now free of her mothering responsibilities can return to the simple pleasures of being a cat:   eating, napping and terrorizing all the stuffed mice in the house.

In incoming news we recently welcomed a new little boy, Casey

Casey was found wandering the roads of Eastford, starving and alone. After a check-up and cleaning at the vets, and a nice hearty meal, Casey settled in
 for a good nights rest.

Now, he's a lovable, content, playful purring machine happy to fall asleep in your lap.

Soon he'll be joining our other fun kittens still available for adoption.

We still have a number of kittens available for adoption: check them out on our website, or in person at our public hours at the Sanctuary.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hi Everybody,

I’m sure many of you remember when Suzy joined us here at the sanctuary 2 months ago. Her owner had passed away and she was left to fend for herself outside for a while. After being on her own, she was caught by good Samaritans and brought to a vet for care before landing here at the sanctuary. This chain of events completely traumatized poor Suzy and needless to say she was NOT a happy camper upon her arrival. At first, only staff members could interact with and feed her because of her explosive  personality. I remember feeling heartbroken and terrified at the same time each time I went in to feed or try to talk to her. She was so aggressive and so angry and I couldn’t blame her after her ordeal. We all hoped that she would soon realize that she is very much safe and loved here by all of us!

Well after about 2 weeks she started to mellow and now, 2 months later, although she can still have a bout of crankiness, Miss Suzy is doing wonderful and is truly enjoying her sanctuary space. She is friendly, calm and so sweet. A completely different cat than the one she was back in April! She spends her time in her very own room on her fluffy couch. But most times you will find her enjoying her beautiful outdoor catio space.

To me, this is what the sanctuary is all about. A place of peace and tranquility where cats who have experienced trauma, illness and loss can come and be rehabilitated so that they can move on to their forever homes. They learn that that they are safe, secure and loved. We couldn’t make this happen without you! We are so fortunate to have an amazing group of volunteers and we thank you for giving our cats the love and affection that they need. Here are a few pictures of Miss Suzy Sunshine enjoying her day. And I hope you have a great one as well.

Christine, Animal Caregiver at The Ashford Sanctuary

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

meet our FIV positive cats

We thought it was a good time to double our fun here at the Sanctuary....so...

Jasper, our first FIV+ cat, who joined us mid-May now has a new house-mate:                              Welcome  Xavier!

our newest FIV+ kitty Xavier
though they are still working on their relationship - they do have some things in common:

Both are loving and playful and enjoy spending time outside - with access to their part of the catio.

Both are ready for adoption and waiting to find homes of their own.

Not sure about adopting an FIV+ cat?  check out this link to find information that is helpful and easy to understand:

So if you're looking to adopt- please, don't overlook us!

In kitten news little Forrest and Jenny are just about ready to leave the nest:
forrest 06/21
jenny 06/21

Mom, Penelope, did a great job raising these guys and they are just super playful and sweet and so irresistible!

Teddy: An Inspiration and Kitty Angel

One of my favorite aspects of volunteering at Our Companions Sanctuary is meeting animals who are true inspirations. Since Our Companions opened its first cottage for the rehabilitation of animals in 2012, I have witnessed numerous cats and dogs surpass my expectations in their ability to heal from illness, injury, and physical and emotional trauma. These animals continue to enjoy life, and continue to love themselves and others, no matter how difficult life's challenges have been for them. Despite physical limitations or past lives in which they were victims of abuse, they do not appear to think of themselves as different or damaged. These cats and dogs are healers, true angels, and amazing teachers of resilience and love to us humans. One of the most truly inspirational cats I have met during my time at Our Companions is living at the Sanctuary right now and waiting to find his forever home. His name is Teddy.
Teddy is a sweet and lovable little guy who happens to be blind as the result of a traumatic brain injury. When I first heard there was a blind cat living at the Sanctuary, I couldn't help but imagine how daunting life must have been for him. Without the ability to see his surroundings, moving into a new environment and continually being introduced to new people and animals would seem overwhelming. Teddy navigates through his environment using his memory and gets around just fine on his own. However, tasks such as getting to his food and water dishes can become difficult if these objects have been moved. Amazingly, Teddy takes all of these challenges in stride.

Despite his difficulties, Teddy is a healthy and very happy cat with a peaceful spirit.
Although Teddy cannot see people approaching him, he shows an incredibly trusting and loving nature. Teddy purrs immediately upon sensing that a loving presence is nearby, or as soon as he hears a soothing voice coming to greet him. When I first met Teddy, he placed his own precious paw in the palm of my hand. He was ecstatic as I rubbed his belly, and then proceeded to gently squeeze my fingers in his paw. My own heart melted at that moment. As I watched Teddy play that afternoon like any other cat would, a sense of lightheartedness settled in. Teddy is an angel who brings joy into the lives of everyone he meets.
Thank goodness Our Companions is here to help animals like Teddy, and all the people who benefit from meeting him.

Teddy is now looking for a permanent home and for the people who will love him forever. He is seeking a quiet environment with loving individuals, and would enjoy the company of other friendly cats or a gentle dog. He cannot have access to stairs. Teddy brings so much happiness wherever he goes! If you think you might like to adopt Teddy, please contact Stephanie at 860-242-9999, or by email at Stephanie@ourcompanions.org.

thank you Julie S, Sanctuary Volunteer, for telling Teddy's story!